We recently reported that video vixen Avonte Wright is set to appear on the VH1 reality show Tough Love.

And we also revealed the scoop, that she was the ex-R&B mistress to a member of a very popular 90′s band.

Well we’ve got the pics to prove it!


Avonte Cherie is on the new season of VH-1′s “Tough Love Miami.”

In Wright’s VH-1 bio they describe her as the ‘woman on the side’ that spent the past nine years as the mistress to a celebrity, wasting her late 20’s and early 30’s on a dead end relationship that left her with deep, emotional scars.

The celebrity is said to be Grammy nominated Shawn Stockman, of the R&B group Boyz II Men, who is now a celebrity judge on NBC’s “The Sing-Off”.

According to the tea, the alleged romance began, before he married his now wife and continued for years after.

Their relationship included traveling around the world, lavished gifts, money and a small part on the groups “The Remedy” album.

According to our reliable sources, Avonte claimed she spent a lot of time with Shawn during the recordings of the “Remedy”album at Johnny Wright’s(manager to the stars) Compound in Orlando Fl.

Wright first gained fame for being one of Urban’s first celebrity models.

She’s also appeared as the feature in several music videos and small roles in a few television shows.

In a recent interview, Wright said…….

Once I left that situation and received counsel I see why everyone thought that I was in a “cult” because of the Religion that drove that relationship (referring to the Hebrew Israelites which Stockman practices).

Tough Love Miami premiers October 2nd on VH1

Peep the exclusive gallery of their 9 year romance(scroll down for the captions) below….

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